BOST Distributing Company, Inc.~ Sanford, North Carolina

Testimonials 2012

Edward Gallimore: January 11th, 2012 -

I have the same question as Michelle, where is the Beverly's Bulk Sausage? I have the same problem, I have not been able to find any in Thomasville, NC since the end of November. Then last month I could not find any of the Rose Potted Meat. Please tell me you are NOT going to drop either of these products. I have been having both since I was a child and my wife and I have had the Beverly's Sausage about once a week for the 27 years we have been married. Please let us know when we can find these products back in our local stores. Thank you for your time.

Sharon Norris: January 26th, 2012 -

I hope you have your products back in our stores very soon!

Barbara Kaser Pierce: January 31st, 2012 -

Our family recipe for Brunswick stew is wonderful but time consuming to make. The best alternative is Mrs.Fearnow's Brunswick stew which delivers an awesome home cooked taste within minutes. The ultimate comfort food!! My family has enjoyed it for many years. It is no longer on the shelves at Food Lion. I hope it will be brought back to our shelves soon, otherwise I will have no choice but to order on line. Thank you!!

Linda: February 22nd, 2012 -

We have been looking for the tripe in several cities in Ga and they are all sold out several stores even were waiting on new supplies I know
several friends and relatives also looking .

Brian: February 29th, 2012 -

Please bring back the Vienna Sausages!

Rose Parker: March 21st, 2012 -

Your Patterson brand of chili, BBQ beef, etc. are just we can't find them. Who carries these items in east Tennessee? 

James Ware: April 6th, 2012 -

My wife and I tried your Pattersons hot dog Chili, well it ruined us for all other hot dog on the market today. For some reason none of the stores in our area carry the Pattersons brand of products. (maybe they sell out quickly after they are stocked), anyway, the next time I see your hot dog chili at least a half dozen cans will be going into my grocery cart. Please keep making it the same way as you always have. Best Regards, James Ware

Mesa George: April 6th, 2012 -

My husband and I love Rose Brand potted meat! We are having trouble getting this quality from our local stores. We have been told that it may not be available in the near future. Our wholesale store cant keep it, our local minute markets too- WE LOVE ROSE BRAND AND IF THESE SUPPLIERS CANT GET IT FOR US, THEN WHERE CAN WE CONTINUE TO GET IT.. PLEASE DONT TAKE AWAY OUR ROSE BRAND POTTED MEAT,,,PPPPLEASE AND LET US KNOW A.S.A.P.

Susan Locks: May 8th, 2012 -

Don't you dare take away my Mrs. Fearnow's!!! I was weaned on it.

Chalyn: May 14th, 2012 -


Brenda Roberts: May 15th, 2012 -

I love beverly bulk sausage but i can't find it on the store shelves in N.C. or S.C. Please tell Me what stores i can find mine and my husbands favorite breakfast? we have enjoyed beverly for decades and it's very disappointing not to be able to find it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Knight: May 21st, 2012 -

My mother was born and raised in Brunswick County, Virginia and always had some on hand in case company should stop by at dinner time. Mrs
Fearnow's is ALMOST as good as hers and a whole lot easier to prepare. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!

Elaine Helms: June 6th, 2012 -

When my kids were young, the only way I could get them to eat vegetables was serve a big bowl of Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick Stew! I have had Brunswick Stew from BBQ houses, church bazaars, etc., but the stuff that comes out of that yellow can is THE BEST!! Please bring it back and tell me where I can get it. My entire family, including grown kids, want it back in our pantries!! Thank you. 

Bill Allison: June 24th, 2012 -

mrs fearmows brunswick stew is the best , i mean the best i have ever eaten.i have never heard of mrs fearmows stew. i lost my job two months ago , a friend brought some of mrs fearmows stew. i could not believe this stew was not home made. thank you , thank you.

James Rountrey: July 8th, 2012 -

My wife and I live in PA and would DESPERATELY like to order some of the Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick Stew. We have been enjoying the stuff for years, and would really love to order some - however we can't find it on your website. Do you know where we can get it??? Mrs. Fearnow's is far superior to that Castlebury sludge!!!!! 

Connie Malykh: July 24th, 2012 -

I love the Pattersons Daybreak Sausage Gravy, My Whole Family loves it they are always asking for it, but just rescently my store stopped getting it in and now i must find it else where.

Dale Younts: August 28th, 2012 -

Have been unable to find Mrs Fearnow's brunswick stew in Little Washington (NC) for months. Are you still making it and who carries it in this area? My two sons were raised on it and I would like for my grandson to enjoy it also. My husband and I have eaten for more than forty years!! HELP!

Carol Lumley: September 2nd, 2012 -

OMG I had no idea that Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick Stew was no longer available. I buy in bulk and have not bought any lately but I saw my brother yesterday and he mentioned that his grocery store stopped carrying it. I told him about you and was going to email him this link only to see from other posts that you don't make it any more? We grew up eating it and my sons grew up eating it. Please consider bringing it back. I think those of us who miss it would at least like to know why it was dropped. Thank you.

Dr. Arnold B. Lovell: November 9th, 2012 -

We have been trying to find Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick Stew up and down the east coast for the last several years. Finally, I found out that it is made and the recipe now owned by Bost Distributing of Sanford, NC. I found myself somewhat discouraged when I visited the plant and could not even buy it there, at the place where it is produced, standing right beside the plant with I am sure thousands of cases in the warehouse. For those of us who are faithful customers, and myself now serving a church as pastor in Sanford, NC, but not able to get this great product, it is surely frustrating. Please help us know what to do --- I was told to look on the website, but I cannot find it listed here either.

Chase Basham: November 26th, 2012 -

I have been eating this Brunswick Stew since I can remember every week. Everytime I would go into the stores it would be sold out. I dont get why they would stop making it since so many people love it. EVERYONE in my family loves it and buys it regularly. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

Melinda Milam: December 11th, 2012 -

I have not been able to find Mrs. Fearnow's Brunswick stew anywhere in Sanford, NC or Apex, NC. I am originally from Mechanicsville, Va and grew up not far from Hope Farm- eating that stew weekly until moving to NC! I lived in San Diego for three years and had it shipped out there monthly all three years! Please let me know where I can find some. It has been a part of my life for 40 years and would like for it to continue for another 40. Thank you!