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Rose & Beverly Brands

Favorite Breakfast “Brains N’ Eggs”
When I was a youngster, my mom used to prepare Brains N' Eggs for breakfast. It was a fairly regular breakfast, not at all unusual. So that's when I started eating them and I enjoyed them ever since, but I can't find any on Capitol Hill. I'll admit the name of the dish is not the most  appetizing, but try ‘'em you might like 'em! 

     The Honorable Howard Coble United States Congressman
North Carolina

Beverly Sausage 10 oz. - Made in the USA

Cook with scrambled eggs. Add as an ingredient for meat loafs.
Great for those on a budget

Rose Beef Tripe 16 oz. - Made in the USA
Only US beef tripe bran. Great for making Menudo - a Hispanic in origin, wonderfully aromatic stew made with tripe, hominy, garlic, and other spices. Known as a cure for "hangovers".

Rose Pork Brains 5 oz. - Made in the USA
Only U.S. A. pork brains brand. Easy pull top lid.

Cook with scrambled eggs.

Rose Potted Meat 3 oz. - Made in the U.S.A.
Easy pull top lid. Made with beef, pork & seasonings.

Great as a spread for sandwiches and crackers.