BOST Distributing Company, Inc.~ Sanford, North Carolina

   She~Crab Soup
Made in the USA. An authentic Carolina Low Country recipe bisque style soup. It features a delicious blue crab meat blended with a buttery roe and spices. In a saucepan combine soup and 1 can of milk, heat & serve.    
Indigenous to the Carolina Low Country, She~Crab is a bisque style soup containing the meat of the blue she crab and the all important crab roe which provides an unusually delicate and authentic flavor. In the late 1930's, entrepreneur Sterling Grover Harris started the Blue Channel Corporation in Port Royal, Beaufort County, South Carolina and for many years was the largest processor of blue crabs. The Blue Channel Corporation patented a process for canning blue crabs and later developed Harris She~Crab Soup.
During the 1960’s, Sterling Harris was looking for financial assistance and contacted Jerry Henderson in California. The two had become acquainted while Jerry was living in Beaufort during WWII. In 1964, Jerry Henderson, founder of the Alexander Dawson Schools, a philanthropist and entrepreneur got involved in the Blue Channel Seafood Corporation. Henderson acquired full ownership in 1968. The Harris brand is now owned by Bost Distributing Co., Inc. ~ Sanford, NC.