BOST Distributing Company, Inc.~ Sanford, North Carolina

Harold's Salads
In 1969 Harold Baucom bought a Murry Steaks distributorship located on South Tryon Street in Charlotte, North Carolina. Harold immediately began adding to his product line and became the major food service supplier to Eckerd’s Drugs snack bars in North and South Carolina. 
Within a year, an old friend ask Harold Baucom to produce slaw, potato
salad, and macaroni salad for his friend’s chain of restaurants operating in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  Harold was very reluctant to get back into the salad business.  He had spent many years with Family Foods, who manufactured salads.  After several months, Harold finally agreed to temporarily help his friend. Baucom rented an area of a kitchen in the back of
H&D Carryout on Graham Street in Charlotte and began producing salads for his friend's restaurant chain. When Harold Baucom passed away

in 1990, Harold Food Co. was producing millions of pounds a year of a wide range of salad and chili products, along with being a full line food service distributor with over 2,000 items.  Harold Food Co. continued to grow through the nineties. In 2000 Harold Food Co. was purchased by Bost Distributing Co., Inc.  Harold food products continues to be produced in North Carolina with the highest quality standards and level of service that Harold Food Co. customers have learned to expect.
Harold Salads are available for North Carolina institutional and food service accounts through Bost Distributing Co., Inc. of Sanford, NC.  Each item can be purchased in 3 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb, and 30 lb. containers. If  you are looking for a homemade salad, we use only the finest and fresh ingredients. Our salads and chili are simply delicious. We welcome your interest.
Delicious Salads